THE ELECTRONIC DIAMOND EXCHANGE™ 360º trading with certainty and security

Diamdax / Brink's brings the world's licensed diamond traders and jewelry retailers together in one tailor-made environment providing the market with an efficient and effective trading platform.

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We are updating KYC and AML procedures, during this period no new memberships will be validated.
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A better way of trading

  • Security
  • Your security is our highest priority. We make sure you can trade in a completely safe environment.
  • Each and every member of the platform has been pre-verified

  • Our thorough verification process is up to the highest international KYC/AML standards

  • Our security measures and protocol are continuously kept up-to-date to guarantee your safety

  • Full service
  • Using Diamdax means turning a process that takes weeks, into a single mouse click.

  • Instant expansion. Once you have signed up, you are operating on a worldwide market

  • Payment is processed instantaneously. Less headache, faster delivery

  • Brink's door-to-door shipping, synonymous with excellence in transport, is included

  • Anytime, anywhere
  • Being truly online means never being offline. Our platform is ready for you to trade at a moment's notice, day or night.
  • The exchange is never closed or inactive. Trade in an instant, at any time.

  • Trading on the go, no matter what device

  • Wherever you are, wherever your stone is, you are connected in no time